Program FAQ

This page addresses important questions frequently asked by New Beginnings patients and their family members.

Q: Why are residents called patients? 

Chemical addiction is a disease with physical and mental aspects. Those who are addicted must be treated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually if they are to return to productive, fruitful lives.

Q: What is your treatment philosophy? 

Our treatment philosophy is deeply rooted in abstinence and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Substance abuse that has crossed over into dependency requires abstinence. Those who are successful embrace a long-term recovery process.

Q: How much does it cost? 

Treatment costs vary depending on the severity of your child’s addiction and the level of care required. Please call us at toll free at 855-463-9234, and we’ll answer all of your questions relating to costs and insurance coverage.

Q: What kind of medical facilities do you have? 

New Beginnings is a free-standing chemical dependency treatment program, and there is a medical hospital nearby to meet any emergency medical needs that may arise.

Q: How many patients do you have? 

Currently, our maximum inpatient capacity is 44 residents. Our outpatients programs are not capacity restricted.

Q: New Beginnings is a co-ed facility. How do I know my child will be safe? 

We provide separate living quarters for males and females, and our staff is on premise 24 hours a day. Additionally, our patients are within view of our staff members at all times.

Q: What’s the weather like? 

Louisiana weather varies; Summer ranges from warm to hot and humid, fall is moderate and winter, while occasionally cold, is usually mild compared to the much of the nation. Spring tends to be much like fall; moderate, generally dry and pleasant.

Q: What type of school is incorporated into the New Beginnings Program? 

New Beginnings Adolescent Recovery Center offers an on-site homebound education program for junior high and high school patients. Patients 17 and older can also enroll in a G.E.D. program.

Q: How does the housing work with male and female residents? 

We have separate housing for male and female residents. Residents stay two per room in simple, comfortable accommodations and are required to help keep their rooms clean as part of their learning how to function in a living environment. Each dorm also has a common space for residents to share.

Q: What type of food does New Beginnings serve?

Under the direction of a registered dietitian, our meals are nutritious and well-balanced. We provide a variety of quality, tasty meals three times a day for our patients. Our dietician is available to assist with any special dietary needs or restrictions that our patients may have.