The Power of Conversation

Intervention Tips You Can UseThe first step in dealing with teenagers about alcohol or drug use is of course to talk with them. But a parent’s first instinct may be to present a one-sided look at this — never do this, never do that, that’s the law.

There’s much more to it than that, and parents should understand how important listening is to the process. Hearing out the teenager to truly understand his or her perspective can help to keep the parent-child bond strong, which can then aid future conversations.

Here’s a look at the importance of listening to teenagers in these scenarios. [Read more…]

Steps for stopping addictive teen behavior

shutterstock_483300244Once the Christmas rush slows down, the holiday season can be a time of reflection. For parents of teenagers that are using drugs and alcohol, the time may be useful to contemplate this dangerous path, and to make a plan to stop the teen’s behavior before it gets worse. The way parents interact with the child is essential, and it may be necessary to examine the possibility of a treatment center.

Here’s a look at some of these potential steps for parents. [Read more…]

How to have a stress free holiday season

shutterstock_523883950The fun and festive nature of the holiday season also comes with potential stress. And for people dealing with substance abuse issues — teenagers and adults — the holidays can significantly amplify that stress.

In a story for Psychology Today, Adi Jaffe writes that this stress “can bring even long-dormant behavior back to the surface.” And those without a strong family background “are often left feeling alone and isolated during the holidays, another powerful source of the shame and boredom that can drive addictive behavior.”

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The season of giving

shutterstock_529261663The holiday season can be a difficult one to navigate for people dealing with alcohol and drug issues, especially for those in their teenage years. It’s a festive time, filled with parties for family and friends. But the happiness inherent in many of those gatherings may be harder for addicts to embrace.

It also may be difficult for friends and family to know how to treat the addict. This can come into play with gifts: What do you get for someone who has a substance abuse problem? The first instinct is obviously to look for items that are in no way related to alcohol and drugs, and there are plenty of options there. Another way to go would be to find something that could provide a healthy experience for the addict, something constructive that can be a boost in their struggle. Here’s a look at a few suggestions. [Read more…]